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Ann Conlon Scholarship
The Ann Conlon Scholarship is an educational scholarship awarded annually by TABAMLN to expand access to continuing education opportunities for TABAMLN members. The scholarship is named in honor of Ann Conlon, one of the early members of TABAMLN in recognition of her contributions in the development of the consortia and leadership in the advancement of medical librarianship in the Tamp Bay area.

Courses offered by FHSLA, the Southern Chapter/MLA, SLA or courses sponsored by TBLC or special workshops at the USF School of Library and Information Science are examples of continuing educational opportunities to be considered for funding. At the present time, courses offered at the national MLA meeting are too expensive. While the scholarship is intended primarily for promoting education in medical librarianship, it may include non-medical and nonlibrary courses which are relevant to the field of medical librarianship as determined by the selection committee.

Selection Committee
The selection committee is composed of the Treasurer and two other appointed TABAMLN members. Institutions of the members of the selection committee are ineligible for the scholarship.

Scholarship Amount
The amount of the award will be determined annually by the selection committee, but will not exceed the cost of the course.


  1. Applicants must have completed at least one year of active participation in TABAMLN.
  2. Scholarship applicants should complete the attached application form.
  3. Preference will be shown the "primary" librarian (person who attends TABAMLN meetings)
  4. The institution of the applicant must have met attendance requirements in the last calendar year.
  5. Preference will be shown to institutions which have not previously received the scholarship.
  6. A scholarship recipient institution is not eligible for another scholarship the following year.

Scholarship Records
The scholarship recipient must send a photocopy of the certificate of course attendance to the TABAMLN secretary before the next scheduled TABAMLN meeting. Recipients are encouraged to share class information and materials with TABAMLN members.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Information in PDF


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